Paul Giresi Ph.D. was a Stanford Postdoctoral Fellow (American Cancer Society) at Chang Lab.  He has a Ph.D. in both Biology and Bioinformatics, and has worked as a bioinformatician at Aventis Pharmaceuticals.

He has over a decade of wet and dry lab experience developing epigenomic technologies for improving human health.  He has authored 17 publications in epigenomics, and is a co-Inventor of the ATAC-seq technology.



Fergus Chan received his MBA from Stanford Graduate School of Business, where he has also completed Stanford Public Management and Social Innovation Program.

With his aspiration to make an impact to human lives through innovation, he has gained rich social entrepreneurship experience in healthcare and education.  He was a fast-tracked consultant at McKinsey, advising leading companies’ executives and countries’ leaders, with his expertise in strategy, business partnership, finance and operations.  He has also management experience in growing successful business through working in private equity portfolio management.  His experience spans from inventing early-stage technology, starting ventures, to growing companies to be successful.